Kurt Wagner, Mutant Pirate Captain
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I call bullshit.


What would I gain from lying to you?

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Don’t try be coy with me, Fuzzy. We all know what that winky face implied.


Yes, a smile. It’s obvious isn’t it?

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Between your answers and Hank’s, I’m going to need therapy.

I don’t understand.  If you want to tell if I’m happy just look at my face. What did you think I was referring to?

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Anonymous: When you're happy do you wag your tail like a dog?

It might twitch a bit but no, it doesn’t wag like a dog.

If you want a tell if I’m happy or not, look at the opposite side to the tail. ;)

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Anonymous: If you were to pick one song — and only one song — to describe your character, what would it be and why?

God Help the Outcasts, sums me up pretty well with it’s lyrics.

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Anonymous: Blues, blues. Always lose because they wear their ballet shoes.

Have you seen my feet? I can’t even wear normal shoes let alone ballet shoes.

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Anonymous: What is your dream date?

Dream date? Would have to start with something simple like breakfast in bed or at a small cafe. Then go sailing on the high seas, maybe fight a few pirates and break for lunch. In the evening do something relaxing, maybe a bit of sightseeing, a nice dinner that involves chocolate, and wrap it all up with watching a movie together on a couch with a bottle of wine and some popcorn.


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Well, That’s the Last of It


Hank’s going to come help me later and Rachel might as well, which should make it a lot easier. I spent today unpacking on and off as well.

Are you settling in okay?

Many hands make light work. I’ll be over shortly.

Settling in pretty good. In the dorms since I’m still just a student professor, but for the time being I don’t have a room mate, so that gives me some extra freedom.

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Well, That’s the Last of It


I’ve finally gotten my office set up. If only getting the new apartment unpacked was as easy.


I just had to do the same thing but for my dorm room instead. It’s easier if you ask for help you know.

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smoking hot (coffee); Kurt/Johnny


Johnny nodded. “Maybe, who knows if I’ll steal the spotlight.” Watching as Kurt was thrown back even if for a milisecond was worth of all. The fire boy decided he was going to invest on pursuing that. That small moment in which the mutant man looked like a lost puppy. That. He liked. He wanted.  Kurt’s frame was slender than his and sliding hands up his arm would always make Johnny crave for more…he wasn’t counting on the rest. Now, he was used to all this touching and sex and kissing and such…and it’d been some time ever since he wanted something so much. Whilst Kurt was all technique and slow motion, Johnny was made of passion and fast moves. One strong hand gripping Kurt’s hip, bringing him closer as their tongues intertwined, his entire body lingering on that point right before he set ablaze, something he couldn’t really help. He laughed when the kiss parted and pressed lips softly against Kurt’s mouth corner, waving at the cameras and then kissing his cheek. He laughed at the taunting and the way most of the paparazzi tried to avert it.

"C’mon." Johnny growned with amusement and simply grabbed Kurt’s hand that was on the small of his back, surely he’d have his ass chewed by Sue if there was a photo of him being being publicly groped.


Kurt would have to admit to himself that he liked how well their bodies slotted together so easily.  He laced his fingers with Johnny’s as they walked out and left the paparazzi behind. “So where to now?” Kurt asked as they got to the street. He looked up and down, still seeing a few paparazzi coming their way.

"Could just go back to my room and see what’s on tv?" Kurt offered in a hushed whisper close to Johnny’s ear, rubbing his thumb on Johnny’s hand.

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Confesional | f2f | Alex & Kurt


Even with everything going on, with Kurt’s kind words, Alex felt himself slightly more at ease. Maybe there was hope after all, for the man who hadn’t had a glass with a few dribbles in it. He didn’t finish his drink, but like a good little trained house guest the blonde mutant walked to the sink and washed up without hesitation, looking back towards Kurt once more looking a little bit less like he was going to sob for weeks on end. “I’ll… Um… thank you.” Bedroom was very closed off, not an easy passage to escape from… sofa had more exits, more places to run if anything happened. 

The a thought struck him. If anything bad was going to happen, he’d rather not have Kurt involved. Last night his mutation had struck bad because of his emotions, and no doubt it might happen again. He did not want to destroy anything. “I might go walk a bit, but I might come back. Thank you…” He muttered, looking towards the door once more. He would see the night once more and talk to some other people. He had to. “I’ll not sneak up on you if I come back.”

"Your welcome." Kurt smiled and watched as Alex looked the place over. "Here." He went over and grabbed his keys and then handed them to Alex before he left for his walk, "Let yourself in if it’s locked. I’ll probably still be awake, I’ve got a few things to work on."

Kurt went over to the bookshelf and picked up the book he had been reading, “Please be sure to come back, especially if you get hurt. I might not be as well trained as some of our friends, but I’ll do my best to patch you up.” Kurt said with a smile. It wasn’t that he was expecting anything bad to happen to Alex, he just wanted the other man to know he could come back no matter what.

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Confesional | f2f | Alex & Kurt


If that was the case, Alex would prefer the claws through the neck - but neither thought was something he wanted right now, and Logan was far from the latest person he wanted to talk to. At least Scott wasn’t here. He could see the twat getting all up and mighty about this and that’s not what he wanted at all. Prick. Yes, even feeling self pity the blonde could resent his brother. “You’re a better man than most though Kurt.” And that, from Alex, was a damn fine compliment. He hated people, most people, and rarely gave compliments after all. “But I’m not going to give up..” He’d made up that mind yesterday from almost the word go, having see people cry, having seen the want people had to see him change. 

He knew he had to do better to make their tears mean something. Protect people from what he’d been through. “Might… take you up on that.” Didn’t like staying in new places, didn’t like places he couldn’t trust. Didn’t know the exits of this place, already uncomfortable, not enough doors, too many windows. Stop thinking like that. “I’ve been staying with Bobby since the attack the other month… But… How can I stay with him now?” He’d miss him, too much, miss feeling comfortable and wanted. He wasn’t as close to Kurt, but not regretted it. “Thank you… for this.” He made a gesture to all around him, unable to really put into words all of what ‘this’ was.

"I’ve done my share of bad deeds in my past," Kurt said, a bit sad but shook it off, "I’m glad to hear that though, and I’ll be rooting for you the whole way." Kurt finished off his cup and set it back down with a sigh. 

"My door is always opened for you and your more then welcome to stay here. Explore if you want, I know the dorms are mostly laid out the same way but there might be little differences." Kurt got up and went to get a blanket and pillow for Alex. "No need for thanks. This," Kurt gestured to everything around him, mimicking Alex’s motions a moment before. "This is just what family is for me."

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Confesional | f2f | Alex & Kurt


…. Alex wasn’t going to comment on that one. It was best for everyone, really, because while terrible things had happened in the past, they had been in terrible times and most for survival. Kill or be killed, nothing to do with the Xmen or Magneto. He felt a bit strange not being smacked at this point, but shrugged, apparently deciding to accept it this time around. Things would not go so well with the others, but really… the blonde smiled softly, knowing he would have someone watching his back - supporting him in this strange moment of need. “Logan’s going to put his claws through my neck isn’t he?” Oh he laughed at that, a bitter, worried laugh. No, he did not want to even think of that man. 

How could he become better, he thought, his eyebrows furrowing. Who did he even want to be? Certainly not some goodie-two-shoes, because that just wasn’t him. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been me.” He confessed, and admitting that surprised even himself. “I…” Alex closed his mouth shortly afterwards, not wanting to make anymore of a fool of himself, staring at his cup for a few moments longer. “I want to be who everyone thought I was, before all this shit.” They had at least seen him as something then, and he’d wanted to be a hero in their eyes. He’d done more than he ever thought possible just knowing they were there. Weird how you didn’t notice this stuff until bad things happened. “You believe in second chances don’t you?”

Kurt laughed a bit as well, “Personally I think Logan won’t kill you, just beat you senseless, but I could be wrong.” He thought on what Alex wanted and nodded a bit, “I believe in second chances, and third chances, fourth chances… well you get the idea.” Kurt said, even though it was his experience that said second chances were all people needed most times since the people who wanted them, wanted them badly enough to not make a mistake again. 

"It’ll be a harder journey this time around, as some people won’t be willing to give you the second chance your looking for. You just have to remember that and work hard, and never give up." Kurt reassured, "You might have to wait a bit before talking to some people but I’ll help you with that if I can, even if it’s just a place to lay low at." Kurt gestured to the opened door at the other side of the dorm. "No room mate now so you can crash in there if you’d like. Or there’s the couch."

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Confesional | f2f | Alex & Kurt


Ah.. so Kurt didn’t know the whole story, and that, for Alex, made everything a lot worse. For a man who’s outlook on life had been ‘glass half empty’ his entire life, it wasn’t going to well now, and looking morbid and miserable was starting to be common since last night. He pitied Kurt more than himself then though, the man thinking that there were so much worse. Yes, they were, and he’d bloody done them. “Like sell them out to Magneto?” He mused, trying to find humour in something that disgusted him so no, scoffing sarcastically while trying to sip some still very scolding coco (not feeling the heat, just the pain from the burn).

"Sorry, I’ve got a bit pity party going on for myself here, smack me if you want to." Alex meant that, because a lot of people wanted to right now, including himself. If he had seen anyone else acting like he was now he would have either killed them (upsetting Kitty and Bobby in his eyes was a death sentence), or just kicked them in the privates and told them to man up and do something about it. It was just a bit harder than that when you were going through it yourself. "I’m not sure how to… to even make a start at being… whatever I need to be now. What I want to be. I was sort of content with who I was after I left Magneto, I had friends, people I considered family… but now everything has fucked up and I fucked up and… Sorry, I’ll stop swearing." Why did he feel bad for swearing now?! Guilt just bred more guilt it would appear.

Kurt frowned slightly at the mention of selling them out to Magneto, but shook his head. Instantly a few bible passages came to mind but now wasn’t the time. “While that is bad, at least you didn’t kill anyone.” Kurt pointed out.

Kurt listened, sipping at his mug and nodding a few times, “I have no urge to smack you.”  Kurt wanted to hug the other man and tell him everything would be okay, but that was going to wait for a bit. “No need to worry about swearing, I’ve gone out with Logan for drinks before and your quite tame in comparison. If you want I’ll help you however I can with finding how to start being who you want to be. Though I can tell you this, as of right now, you still have a friend and brother that’s in your corner.” Kurt smiled at him for a second before speaking again, “So who do you want to be now?”

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Confesional | f2f | Alex & Kurt


While he knew it was not the most polite thing to do, Alex’s head and face ended up on the table, his forehead pressed against it trying to ignore the swelling emotions he wanted to murder. Why couldn’t he be like he was years ago? He had already shared just about enough of all this bullshit, but hell… Kurt deserved the truth, didn’t he? Everyone else knew, no doubt Kurt was just being kind and giving him a chance to explain. Too nice. He didn’t deserve this. “I appreciate this.” That was much more polite than he had been so far, so the human atom bomb looked up, watching the other male carefully.

"I betrayed the Xmen… but you already know that, I’m sure." Stupid rumours flying around - well, not rumours, they were entirely true, so were they called something else? "I fucked up, and the only family I’ve ever had now know I’m a lying sack of shit. Does that about sum it up?" Alex hadn’t meant to sound harsh, hadn’t meant to seem rude, but in situations like this (situations he was not used to, even the the slightest), he turned to what he knew. And Alex knew how to be angry and how to hate, and that came out rather a lot now in how he glared at the cup of drink in hi hands.

Kurt smiled softly and nodded, and then listened without saying a thing till Alex was finished. “I think it sums it up pretty well. Though I will point out that I didn’t know that you betrayed the X-Men. All I knew is that you spoke to Kitty and that she got upset.” Kurt clarified that much and took a sip from his cup.

"I’ll also say this, not everyone in this family think’s your a lying sack of shit." Kurt paused for a second before continuing, "Also there are worse things you can do to a family then lie to them." Kurt pointed out as his thoughts went back to his other family for a moment.